• FirePower Fire Investigations

    Our fire investigators are NFPA Certified in numerous fire service domains
  • FirePower Consultation

    FirePower has conducted Fire Suppression Analysis for our clients and has the experience to conduct an independent review of your fire occurrence.
  • FirePower Fire Investigations

    Thorough scene examination and technical analysis
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InvestigationsFirePower Fire Investigation

FirePower Fire Investigation, Training and Consulting, a division of Traffic-Air Incorporated, is a multifaceted company specializing in fire investigations, fire service training and fire service consulting.

An Alberta based company; we service all portions of the Province. We specialize in fire investigation services and fire service consulting.  Our proven track record in fire investigation, fire training and fire consulting continues into our twenty-third year of operation.

Our roots originated in the Emergency Services field to serve government and legal agencies; however we have expanded to provide services to the insurance industry. Timely response, timely reporting and a solid reputation to service our clients.

  • Fire Investigations

    NFPA 921 Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigation
    Provides a methodology for our fire investigators to plan and conduct investigations, and outlines methods for collecting, interpreting, and documenting evidence.

    The application is intended to provide a systematic and scientifically established framework for origin and cause determination. NFPA 921 is a consensus document that is established by a committee formed by the National Fire Protection Association.

    Our fire investigators are NFPA Certified in numerous fire service domains. They are experienced with investigating residential, commercial, vehicle and heavy equipment fires in both urban and rural environments.
  • Consulting

    FirePower Consulting provides solid advice based on a blend of fire service expertise, training, experience and field operations.
    FirePower Consulting specializes in the following consulting areas:

    • Fire Department Operational Reviews
    • Fire Suppression Analysis
    • Fire Code Reviews
    • Fire Code Inspections
    • Technical Analysis
    • Rebuttal Reports

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Fire Power Training

FirePower Fire Investigation and Consulting

Timely response, timely reporting, proven track record in fire investigation and a solid reputation to service our clients.